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Poets and collaboration

I went out to Smoken Words for erotic night this month (August 1, 2019) and performed an erotic poem with Steffortlessly. It was a pretty interesting set that got a good response. The way it came together was all Steff’s idea.

Before I explain how this all came about. Take a look at a performance where we performed “Pussy is a fruit”

“Pu**y is a Fruit Performance”

A little over a month ago Steff reached out to me and suggested we do a collaboration on a poem. An erotic poem. She had already wrote her portion and she wanted me to do a reply. She wanted me to not be so nice. I should be extra cocky. I should be… “doggish”. I think we delivered on her vision.

The performance aspect of this collab came together during a face to face practice session. What was the best way to perform the 2 poems as one? Should I just stand there as you talk shit to me? Should I act like I’m ignoring her? Whats the best way to play this off? Then boom! Steff had the idea of me crashing her set. Right when she’s done. From backstage I start my poem. Then she acts confused.