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Is Kanye Trolling for President? – EP 06

On this episode Khary and Meme dive right in talking about Kanye West’s rally and his recent tweets before a quick Megan and Tory update. The team isn’t quite finished talking “entanglements” as August Alsina released a song with the same title. Michael “Miss Mikey” Lamb joins the stream as the discussion moves to BLM, the NBA and the NFL.Texas is trying to not be racists, Nicki Minaj is pregnant and who picks who for the #verzuz Battle between DMX and Snoop Khary’s Crib #Live is something like a podcast, something like a news show, something like a talent show but it’s none of those things… But it’s some of those things. It’s gonna be fun, Tuesdays & Fridays #LIVE at 9PM!